What we believe 
Our bodies hold on to the experiences of living, physically and emotionally, long after they are over.  And, we keep moving on, living with the residuals of how we’ve “settled” with what we’ve sustained. The results can show up as tight, sore muscles, neck or low back pain, (maybe both!) fatigue, or just a sense of disconnect from our bodies.

Massage therapy facilitates healing, offering a deep and whole sense of wellness and well-being.  Massage is most helpful when combined with a commitment to self care, including stretching, exercise, a practical diet and believing that you can feel good in your body.  Regular treatments can help prevent injuries, promote healing, increase circulation, provide relief from chronic or symptomatic pain and rid your body of built up toxins.

Whether it is stress-related, a new or old injury, or a need for relaxation, you owe it to yourself to experience therapeutic massage.  We know from experience how amazing a good massage can feel!