Medical vs Wellness Massage

Medical Massage

Medical massage is intended for treatment to an area(s) of the body which is causing functional limitations with pain that prevents your from managing your personal care (washing, dressing, etc..) sitting, walking, standing, working, driving, sleeping, stair climbing, or lifting.   Medical massage, when billing medical insurance, does not cover maintenance or chronic conditions.

If you would like to use your medical insurance for massage treatment, you must have a valid prescription for massage therapy from a MD, ND or DC  in order for insurance to be billed.  You may also need pre-authorization prior to treatment.

The following information must be written on your prescription pertaining to your needs.

  • Quantity (12 visits)
  • Frequency (1x/week)
  • Duration (6 mos)
  • Diagnosis codes (M54.2)

Coverage and benefits must be verified prior to treatment/billing. Note that not all of our providers can accept all insurances at this time.  Contact us prior to booking to be sure your massage therapist can see you under your plan.

We can accept the following health insurances.

Premera, United Healthcare, Aetna, First Choice, PIP and L&I. HSA & FSA’s are welcome, as well.


Wellness and Lifestyle Massage

Any of the ailments that are treated as medical massage can and are treated during a scheduled wellness or lifestyle massage with the exception to billing medical insurance.  The intention of a wellness massage is to care for you regularly as a preventative treatment, maintenance therapy or to improve how you feel in your body. “Standard” aches aches and pains and chronic conditions are addressed with wellness massage.   Medical insurance does not cover this type of massage therapy.

If you have any questions about your insurance benefits and need assistance, please send an email to